Monday, August 14, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Love Dresses

Happy Monday, lovelies!

You all know how I LOVE dresses so today I'm going to give you my top five reasons why I adore them (and why you should too!). 

Outfit Details: 

Dress: Joules c/o (on sale! - green dot available) | Heels: LC Lauren Conrad | Clutch: The Fix | Necklace: RocksBox | Bracelet: RocksBox

Before I get into the many reasons on why I'm dress obsessed, let's talk about my outfit! I'm not the biggest fan of my arms so wearing this dress took a bit out of my comfort zone. I normally wear something with a longer sleeve, but actually found this dress to be extremely flattering! I love the retro shape of it and how beautifully it nips in at the waist. The color and floral are print are just too pretty and as if that wasn't enough, it twirls like a dream! Since I love being matchy-matchy, I styled it with a light blue sandal and fuchsia bag. I added a small statement necklace for a bit of sparkle and a pretty jeweled cuff for the finishing touches.:-)

Now, I'm sure that it is pretty obvious that I wear dresses on a near daily basis. I'm not really a "casual" dresser by any means and I dedicate my jean-wearing days to when it's freezing outside since covering my legs for warmth is a bit more practical than exposing them in the dead of winter. Also, jeans are very hard to find for my body type so it's definitely a chore when it comes to shopping. I'm much more drawn to pretty dresses of all types because I already know that they look the best on me and that they are more in line with my style. There are so many reason that I love dresses, but I've narrowed it down to my top five:

1.) It makes it easy to get dressed in the morning. Unlike multiple piece outfits, you can literally just throw on one article of clothing and be done. This is especially enticing on those mornings that you are running late. It only takes a minute to get dressed but for some reason, dresses always make the wearer look a million times more put-together and like more effort was put in than really was. Win-win!

2.) They are uber flattering! Dresses, especially of the fit-and-flare variety, always emphasize a feminine shape. They beautifully nip in at the waist and skim over the hips creating the illusion of an hourglass silhouette that is flattering on any body type, no matter the size of your hips. 

3.) They are comfortable! Instead of shimmying into a pair of constricting skinny jeans, dresses allow the freedom to move around comfortably (even with a fitted top). I have especially been loving the looser fit swing dresses lately. They always look dressed up and put-together but feel like the comfiest's my best kept secret for bloated days haha!

4.) They are easy to shop for. In most cases, all you need is your upper body measurement to find the perfect fitting dress and that's it. So easy! For me, jeans are extremely complicated. I have a very small waist to hip ratio (my hips are actually 1-2 sizes bigger than my waist) making it nearly impossible to find a perfect fitting pair of jeans. If they fit my hips, they gape horrifically in the waist and if they fit my waist, there is no way I am getting those things over my hips. This makes shopping for jeans a complete nightmare and I envy those of you that do it with ease. Luckily, I never have that problem with my dresses ;-) 

5.) They twirl! My favorite dresses are always tested on twirl-ability. It's the very thing that makes them unapologetically feminine and fun. My favorite dresses to wear are the ones that are super flowy. The movement from walking or the wind creates the most beautiful silhouette and it makes me feel so beautiful (like clothing should). 

What is your favorite thing about dresses?
Let me know below!


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