Friday, November 27, 2015

Pink Petals & Friday Favorites Link Up

Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher
Top: LC Lauren Conrad
Skirt: Anthropologie (similar here )
Purse: Kate Spade (similar here)
Belt: Anthropologie (similar here)
Necklace: J.Crew Factory


Happy Black Friday!!!
I hope you had a fantastic thanksgiving! Per usual, we had 500 different Thanksgivings to seems to be the case with most married couples, but it was lot of fun! Great food, great family, great memories.
Now onto more serious business (kidding). Black Friday! A few years ago, I took my siblings Black Friday shopping and it kind of became out thing...a tradition if you will. I'll never forget that first Black Friday. "Let's go to the big stores," I thought. I spied the Walmart parking lot whilst driving around at 3am looking for our first destination. No plan intact, not even really planning to buy anything, but really just wanting the experience. No parking. Found one spot in front of Target and walked in to see a line wrapped around the entire store. The ENTIRE store! Multiple television sets and small appliances graced every cart. Out we went on our way to Kohls, only to find that line was much, much worse. We didn't want to shop that bad. Off to the mall we went! We finally found a parking spot after 30 minutes and entered the mall, pushing our way through the amusement park sized crowd to get to our favorite stores. I did end up buying a few gifts for family, but I learned an important lesson. A few actually.
1.) Dress comfortable. Like in your pajamas. It's okay! Everyone's doing it! haha
2.) Do not, I repeat, DO NOT go into the big box stores. Just wait for cyber Monday.
3.) Usually stores will send out mailers and coupons, so be sure to bring those along for some freebies.
4.) Most important...have a game plan. Know which stores you plan to hit and what items you are looking for.
The years after that have run very smoothly, with little to no crowd...until we leave haha.
Enjoy your shopping excursion and don't get hurt in the process!
Have lovely weekend!

This week's favorite is from....
I am seriously obsessed with this look. When I become pregnant (many years from now), this is the dress I want to wear everyday. It's prim yet quaint with the feminine details that I love. If you haven't checked out her gorgeous blog, be sure to do so!
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Lizzie in Lace

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