Wednesday, November 8, 2017

T3 Convertible Collection Review

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I hope you are enjoying your week so far :-) Tomorrow, my husband and I are celebrating our nine year dating anniversary at Disneyland!! We are both huge Disney lovers and have celebrating almost every anniversary there since we've been together. I'll be documenting our day in Insta stories so be sure to follow along!

Today, I'm giving you a look into what tools I use for styling my signature curls along with an overview of T3's Convertible Collection

The Convertible Collection consists of many different barrels along with the convertible base. The barrels attach easily to base and fit securely. The barrels are very unique because they have the T3 Tourmaline Ceramic Technology, which helps smooth the hair cuticle to create the shiniest, salon worthy hair and the T3 Singlepass Technology, which includes a microchip to control temperature ensuring even, optimal heat. The tops of each barrel stay cools to prevent burns AND the barrels also include a heat glove to ensure that you stay protected. They do get really hot, really fast so I definitely appreciate this, especially since I am still learning to use the wand. 

Convertible Base

The Convertible Base fits with every barrel in the Convertible Collection making hair styling options endless! You can change barrels easily and it has five different heat settings. It heats up SO fast (less than a minute) which is perfect for us busy ladies ;-) My hair is very fine so I use it on the second setting and it's perfect! 

Defined Curls 
 (1 inch clip barrel)

This is the barrel I use the most! The Defined Curls barrel is great for achieving the perfect curl. The curls are tight and great for those with fine hair as they hold better than a larger barrel. I love that I can create different styles with it as well by keeping the curls defined or brushing them out for a smooth, polished look. I also love that it has a clip because I'm still learning to use the wands ;-)

Polished Curls
(1.25 inch clip barrel)

The Polished Curls barrel gives the most glamorous curls! They are bouncy and pin-up worthy. This would be perfect for recreating those gorgeous vintage hairstyles that we all love to much. It is also great at holding fine hair.

Voluminous Curls
(1.5 inch clip barrel)

The Voluminous Curls barrel creates beautiful and  big, bouncy waves! This one is perfect for achieving bombshell volume in a fraction of the time. 

Tousled Waves
(1.25 - 0.75 inch tapered barrel)

The Tousled Waves barrel is perfect for achieving undone, natural curls. It's a great multi-tasker that can not only create the most beautiful beachy waves, but also tighter curls as well. This is a great everyday wand!

Cascading Waves
().75 - 1.25 inch reversed tapered barrel)

The Cascading Waves barrel is most unique barrel I've ever seen. It creates such a beautiful, luxurious curl. Rather than being super defined, it's great for getting that perfectly un-perfect curl. 

Undone Waves
(1 inch straight barrel)

The Undone Waves barrel is a great barrel for achieving the perfect curl - natural or defined (along with the prettiest mermaid-esque hair). Like the clip version, this size holds my fine hair really well and can be used for so many different hairstyles. 

Loose Waves
(1.5 inch straight barrel)

The Loose Waves barrel gives you the bounciest, supermodel hair. It's great for achieving that perfectly classic Hollywood glamour hairstyle. 


I am in LOVE with the T3 Convertible Collection! Not only are they absolutely gorgeous to look at with the rose gold detailing but each barrel is so unique and you can literally create hundreds of different curls with these barrels. I used another brand for a longgg time but my hair would never hold the curl. It was super frustrating! My hair is very fine and thin, which is an obstacle in itself. I was always told (even for my wedding) that my hair just "wouldn't hold the curl" and that I was "out of luck." I  believed it until I tried this collection. I could not believe that my hair actually stayed curled for an hour, let alone ALL DAY. I even wake up with curls the next morning. It's so crazy! I now know that even with my hair type, long-lasting curls are achievable. 

These are the ONLY items I have been using to curl my hair lately and I will never go back to the one I was using before. You can see the curls in all of my blog photos (usually 1 inch, 1.25 inch - sometimes the tousled attachment). This would be the perfect holiday gift! If you'd like to see a tutorial, just let me know in a comment below.

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