Wednesday, December 7, 2016

10 Reasons Why I Wear Dresses

Happy Wednesday, lovely friends!

If you saw Monday's post, then I'm sure you were astonished and confused to see me in a pair of jeans. Dresses and skirts are my jam, but yes...I, too, wear jeans on occasion. Read on to see how I styled this beautiful boho look and to find out why I prefer dresses.

Outfit Details:

Dress: Zara (no longer available - identical here and half the price!) | Boots: Free People (available in 12 colors) | Hat: (old - identical here and under $25!) | Tights: Berkshire Legs c/o |Necklace: Victoria Emerson c/o | Bracelet | Ring: Bryan Anthonys c/o (get 20% off with "lizzieinlace")

Firstly, I'm OBSESSED with this dress. I first saw it as we were meandering through the streets of Saint Germain during our time in Paris. I fell in love immediately, but didn't buy it right away (because I never do that haha!). I couldn't stop thinking about it so on our last day before we left for the train, we went back to get it and the shops were closed! So sad. This led to me hunting down every Zara in each destination we visited. I thought all hope was lost until I found the four story mothership in Rome. There is was in all it's glory...and in my size! You better believe that I swooped that up so fast. Anyway, sometimes loose dresses can be tricky on my body type, but this was love at first sight. For this outfit, I paired it with my absolute favorite over-the-knee lace up boots, a felt floppy hat and dainty jewels. I also added a pair of tights for some added warmth and dimension.

So a lot of people (and I mean A LOT) ask me why I "only" wear dresses and skirts. Many people think it is for religious reasons or some other random reason that they come up with. It is not and there are plenty occasions where I wear jeans and yoga pants lol. But yes, I do wear a TON of dresses and skirts. I would say 90% of my closet consists of these things and I wear them everywhere: for work, for errands and for the blog. Today I'm solving the mystery as to why...

1.)  They are comfortable and freeing while pants are very constricting to me. Wearing a beautiful flowy dress is the best thing ever and makes me feel alive.

2.) They are flattering on nearly every body type. There are so many different styles out there and whether they include cinched waists or a super flowy fit, there is bound to be a dress that looks amazing on just about everyone.

3.) They are classically feminine and I love to embrace my femininity. But being "feminine" does not mean being high maintenance. When I was little, my mom would dress me up in the poofiest dresses with huge bows in my hair. I would then proceed to go outside to play in the mud. Nowadays, I stay away from the mud but perform my guitar music in a tulle skirt. If you've ever seen someone play Van Halen in a ball gown, it's quite a sight.

4.) They work better with my body type. This is a big one! I am VERY pear shaped and have always been a bit self conscious my hips and thighs. My waist is considerably smaller than my hips making it nearly impossible to find a pair of jeans that fit right. Which brings me to...

5.) It's so much easier to find a dress than a good pair of jeans. Jean shopping for me is torture. The back ALWAYS gapes or the fit is off. The only jeans that fit my proportions correctly are the Levi's Curve ID...and apparently they have stopped making those. The search begins...haha!

6.) They make it easier to get dressed in the morning. You literally throw on one garment and instantly look polished and put together. This is super helpful when I'm running around like a crazy person in the morning.

7.) It looks like you put some effort into your outfit. Everyone thinks it took me an hour to get dressed when it actually only took 30 seconds. I get far more compliments on my dresses than I do on my jean outfits.

8.) They twirl. Pants don't twirl. You can't feel like a Disney princess if your outfit doesn't twirl.

9.) I just love them and they make me happy. It was never ingrained in my brain that I "had" to wear a dress because I was a girl. I have just always loved them.

10.)The most important reason...they make me feel beautiful, confident and most like myself. I do not feel like I am in costume and trying to be someone else.

Now the cat's out of the bag! What do you think?


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