Monday, May 11, 2015

The First 3 Months....and a Giveaway!





 Well, today marks two important events: first of all, it's my two year wedding anniversary (more on that tomorrow) and secondly, it has been three months since I started my blogging adventure! I wanted to write more of a "diary entry" today so that I can look back on it later on. Of course, for most people, three months is nothing. However, I am the type of person that celebrates every milestone no matter how big or small. It keeps me motivated and keeps the creativity flowing.
 In celebration of this little milestone, I am sharing with you a glimpse at all of my favorite posts so far (which was very hard to narrow down because I love them all!) as well as a few minor accomplishments.
You probably noticed that I color coordinated my outfits in this post...yes, I'm that girl. (I like my posts like I like my closet...hahah!) You probably also noticed another prevalent theme...not just in this post, but in my blog as a whole.....dresses and skirts. I love them forever and would choose them over jeans any day! I chose specific looks, not because they were my favorite, but because I feel that they represent my blog and my style the best. Colorful and fun, yet soft and feminine. There is an abundance of lace, tulle, bows, ruffles, prints, and color among some of the prettiest details. Not only is this how I dress on the blog, but this is how I dress off the blog as well...right down to my pajamas. I do wear these outfits to work and in my everyday life. I am always overdressed in every situation. This is me.
My journey so far has been nothing short of amazing and all because of YOU. You guys are my support and my rock, but most of all my new friends. The best thing about my blog is not all the little things that have happened, but about all of the friendships I have made. You believe in me and my dreams that I have been chasing since I was a child and it, honestly, means so much. I'm so glad that after many years of pondering, I finally stopped caring what others thought, took a chance and started this beautiful creative outlet. It has brought back my passion for art and fashion that I thought I lost among my day to day jobs. It brought back the motivation I was missing to pursue what my heart really desires. It has given me something to look forward to day after day. I can't thank you all enough. I'm excited to see what the next few months brings and am looking forward to forming new relationships. <3
Now for the fun part :-)
In celebration of my first three months and the launch of my Lularoe boutique, I will be giving away a free Amelia dress of your choice! (It's the one that I wore in my past lularoe posts and a $55 value!) This contest is open on facebook, instagram and of course, on the blog. Be sure to have your entries in by this Friday at 3pm PST. I will be announcing the winner at 4pm PST.
There are many ways you can enter:
1.) Join my group Lizzie's Lularoe Lovers on Facebook
2.) Like Lularoe Liz Hugen on Fabebook
3.) Follow @lularoelizhugen on Instagram
4.) Like Lizzie in Lace on Facebook
5.) Follow @lizzieinlace on Instagram
Also, you can get one additional entry for each person you tag on Facebook or Instagram. If you are already doing any of the above and want to participate, let me know which accounts in the comments below so I can count you. :-) This dress is super amazing. Good Luck!


  1. You have a good eye and I love your outfits. I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the good work.

    Jeanne Marie

  2. Wow!!! Happy 3 Months! You have accomplished so much already. Happy wedding anniversary as well. I love your personal style, you style yourself the way that I'd love to style myself on a daily basis. I have enjoyed your blog. Keep up the amazing work.

    Diary of Elegance

  3. CONGRATULATIONS ON THE FIRST 3 MONTHS LIZZIE. Sorry I have been MIA from anything blogging for a while due to family. I just love your girly, super feminine, colorful and slightly Bohemian style. Your tulle kirts, that burnt orange boho dress and the royal blue dress are all gorgeous pieces!