Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Triple Mixing Minnie



Photo Credit: Miranda Plaugher

Top: LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's
Dress (as a skirt): LC Lauren Conrad
Shoes: Express
Necklace: Juicy Couture
Bracelets: Kate Spade
Rings: LC Lauren Conrad
Good morning everyone!
School starts next week and I am SO not ready. :-/ I have planned to cut down my hours this year, so that should help a bit but I can't I can't help but feel that this summer has gone by so fast! I haven't even had a chance to do anything that I had planned to do with my "free time." Anyone else feel this way? I got to thinking ...why should we limit ourselves to getting things done only during the summer? We have nine more months to go on vacations or weekend trips, take up a new hobby or in my case...finally start making clothes again. Sometimes when you get older, you get busy doing things (working *cough*) and forget about the "other things" that once made you happy but suddenly there is no time for it. It's no one fault but mine and I am in the process of making a VERY detailed schedule to keep me on track, but to also allow time for more enjoyment and relaxation. I hope there are others out there like me that have these struggles. Just know that you are not alone and you can make it work :-)
"Make it work" - Tim Gunn (hehe) <3
When we shot this outfit, I had forgotten the original skirt. I was distraught (for about 2 minutes) but the temperature was heating up and my stomach was growling for lunch so I had to think fast. This "skirt" is actually a dress that I wore in a different post. I had it on hand and thought "why not?" I put the top over it and tied it up...TA DA! I think it's a great combo and the patterns mix flawlessly! They are both small patterns but since one is spread out and the other is close together, I think that it works great! And I guess two patterns aren't enough for my rebellious side, so I threw on these striped, jeweled shoes and called it a day. There is a lot going on, but they all have the same color..actually two in common: blue and white. Since the top has so much white in the background, it grounds the outfit a bit and makes the mix of prints a little easier to look at. Did you notice that Minnie Mouse is floating around my top? I'm a Disney freak so of course, I had to get both of these items from LC's line. Simple, but whimsical gold jewelry completed the outfit. No need for a purse when you have balloons!


  1. So cute, love all the patterns mixed together, very cute :) x

  2. These are such cute patterns, I love the balloons in all your photos too by the way.
    Rachel xo
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  3. Hi Lizzie,

    I am coming over from IFB. I love your lady-like style. I can totally picture your skirt scenario...when you have it in mind to take a picture, you want to take the picture already!!

    I will plan to join your linkup.


  4. Great necklace!


  5. I am in love with this outfit. I love the pieces that you paired together and the accessories you added. I love your sense of style, very elegant, ladylike and fun.

    Diary of Elegance